Table Talk

Table Talk is a conversational game produced by UDC, which I've worked on for a number of years. Working with printers to develop new packaging, and building a new website from scratch.

The game itself is a set of 100 question cards, designed to encourage meaningful conversations across a wide range of topics. Table Talk currently has 15 different packs, tailored to different age groups or contexts. There was a devloping need to rethink the production of the game due to the cost per pack, minimum order quantity, and an unnecessarily large size of box. Over a period of about a year, I worked closely with a local printer to design new packaging that solved these problems. I also took the opportunity to refresh the Table Talk brand.

The website redesign was an opportunity to spend some time learning how to code HTML and CSS. I knew that the content would rarely need changing, so there was no need to build it on a CMS platform. Each Table Talk game has it's own colour scheme, so I used these colours as a major design element along with strong typography. This made it easy to keep the project within the scope of my coding abilities.

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